Malaysia: The Quitessential Malaysian Nasi Lemak

When your area or town offers a certain authentic and special cuisine, should effort be made to build a business model with central kitchen so one may have a chain of these food stores all over the world. I don’t however share this view.

Building a food chain no doubt will bring in a large revenue and creates a good business. But if a certain authentic cuisine is typical to a place, the value is not in just in the sale of the cuisine, but in its magic power to bring visitors and therefore multiple revenue streams to that place.

Village Park Restaurant is one typical restaurant that fall into this category. The Chinese Muslim couple working with some 20 staffs; mainly Malays sells the best Nasi Lemak, Malaysian coconut flavoured rice with sambal ( spiced gravy) and fried chicken. This restaurant ( actually only two shoplots but took out spaces on the corridor and the road in front); opens from 7am to 10pm, always doing roaring business. There is only one such restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, and all visitors who want to try this cuisine will have to make it to its location in Damansara.

Many of us know that food from a owner-run restaurant has a special appeal, it is personal; one can feel the care of the owner attending to various matters around the restaurant and making sure the helpers see to customers’ needs. For example, while we sit there, the owner couple were sitting in the next table working on the vouchers, and the lady boss saw a fly in the display case, she went over to make sure the fly was chased out at the first instance. This is the kind of care you won’t see in a commercial run restaurant chain.

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