Presenting Pewter as an artistic experience


I dropped in the Visitors’ Center of  Royal Selangor Pewter in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur last Sunday (October 21 2012). I have heard about the make-over of the operation and how the new generation of managers are transforming the brand into a Lifestyle product, taking it from a purely souvenir and decorative item to a lifestyle or even fashionable good. I was impressed and delighted at the experience I had.

The new face of the brand is now represented by a stylish elegant welcome reception; leading up to a gallery that tells the story Pewter and how its various artistic pieces are made. Then the visitor is led through various stations showing how this handicraft is painstaking created by able craftsman. Besides the factory floor, there is the “Institute of Hard Knocks” where enthusiasts can pay a small fee in return for a lesson to try to make a small pewter piece. Then the visitor is led into the spacious well layout exhibition gallery; this gallery displays all the products,it is also a large sales area where visitors can pick up pieces they fancied. Besides the exhibition gallery is an elegant cafe that looks out to the garden.

View Gallery of photos of the Visitors Center additional photos from my ipad.

This is a good example of how a craft/manufactured product has increased its “cultural” and design component in its overall presenatation.  Many crafts and artistic heritage such as Chinese silk, embroidery, ceramics and porcelain, bronzeware etc, those rich collection of wonderful crafts from China and other East Asian countries can rethink their presentation and business model. 

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