Preserve Farmers Market!

Preserving traditional farmers market — represents an impossible dream as farms increasingly are being integrated by large agri-business players and the older generation of farmers/owners are aging and their sons and daughters have studied in universities to become professionals living in urban condominiums.  Yes, authentic farmers markets will be a disappearing sight; most in many places are being replaced with cheap goods fare from China peddled by migrant population or shifting hawkers.

However one must note that most discerning travellers and locals love the sight, sound and smell of the Sunday local farmers market.  The question is how to preserve them?  And what are the experiences around the world?  This post will examine this ( coming).

Examples of existing fresh produce markets:

1. Barcelona: Bouqueria market. An old market which has remake itself successfully; now awarded as  the best market in the world, awarded by the World Markets Congress held in 2005 in Washington DC.  A new addition in 2003 is the market’s Culinary Classroom, where children and adults are taught to cook, and different gastronomic events are organised every day.

2. Melbourne: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne’s premier market for over 130 years. This 19th century landmark is a vibrant open-air undercover market, rich in history and enthralling market stories. The bustling market is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and an intrinsic part of Melbourne’s way of life.

3. Tokyo: Tsukiji Wholesale Fish market. Tokyo Central Wholesale Market handled 787,782 tons (2,888 tons a day) of marine products, 748 billion yen (2.8 billion yen a day) total in 1993. Some 450 kinds of fish are received; this figure is unparalleled in the world.   Tsukiji Market, handling 87% of the total amount marine products in Tokyo, is one of the biggest markets in the world.

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Vice President at Bosideng, China’s largest down jackets Madam Gao observed,” Consumers are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a branded handbag, but the public expects food to be cheap. Everyone knows that the farmers are squeezed by middlemen, they get the least return for the most critial process of food production. It is hard to fathom the logics of this as food is the most important element that sustains a good life; not a branded bag!?

Indeed, developers, cities spent billions to build huge shopping malls for the trading of lifestyle goods that gives the “look and feel” of wellbeing; but food, and for that matter good and high quality food, to be distributed in the cleanest and highest standards are paramount to human life. Food also comes in an array of oolors, shapes, smell and texture; they themselves if presented appropriately and artistically, presents a visual fare.

It is time we give the same, if not more attention to the distribution and handling of food items; and authentic farmers markest are folklore  heritage and a community institution that should be preserved.

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