Xuzhou: Bring about a renaissance in Han Culture?

The northern Jiangsu city of Xuzhou, home to 9 million people located in a region of 100 million spread over the provinces of Jiangsu, Shangdong, Anhui and Henan is setting a new vision with renewed vigor. In a recent Tourism and Trade Promotion Fair this year, I had the opportunity to review a number of projects the city plans to review its position as the origin of Han Culture.

A large scale musical entitled, ” An Ode to Han Style” retold the stories of the glory and  of the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty and the tragedy of the losing general Xiang Yu. Xuzhou is the native place of Grand Han Emperor Liu Bang.

(More to follow)

Han Fu

The Chinese have always felt that they lack a truly Han national costume. The qibao which was popularly thought to be a Chinese dress is actually a foreign import; one that came with the Qi tribes from the north. There are attempts now to revive the costumes popular during the Han dynasty.

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