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Madam Foong Wai Fong is an serial entrepreneur and author of a number of bestseller books on Asia trends. from Megatrends Asia, to Megatrends China, The New Asian Way, her  bestselling book, Culture Is Good Business was voted as the Top Ten Bestselling book by readers of influential magazine Commonwealth of Taiwan. She is the Founding Director of Megatrends Asia in partnership with US trend forecaster John Naisbitt; . Her series of entrepreneurial ventures have taken her to base in HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, Boston, Amsterdam and  her last 18 years was based out of Shanghai, Suzhou, China. She is a personal witness of the transformation of modern China, and was an active participant of the development of International education in China. 

Madam led various projects under Megatrends Asia, a global research organisation, founded with John Naisbitt of Megatrends fame. An honours graduate of economics from the University of Malaya and a successful business executive, she directs the Asian research programs from bases in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai. Her research areas include macro economic trends in Asia, the progress of reform and changes in China, cultural industries and sustainable development.

Ms. Foong is a much sought-after trend consultant and advisor by multinational companies and institutions on Asian trends. She serves on the advisory Board of many international organizations including the Economic Development Board of the Port of Rotterdam from 2007-2009 Well-traveled and versatile in key Asian languages, she regularly contributes to regional economic and business publications. She has 3 best-selling books to her credit; “The New Asian Way,” “We have to talk, Mr. Prime Minister” and “Culture is Good Business”(Voted Top 10 best books in Taiwan in 2003 by Commonwealth Magazine). She is working on a new book, “Redefining the Good Life — Ensure a future for mankind.”

Ms Foong has extensive business experience, having built a successful business in Asia and received the Top Women Entrepreneur Award from the Malaysian Government.  Active in North Asia and Southeast Asia, Ms Foong now heads a preparatory committee on founding a Center for Cultural Resources and Industries Management for Asia. She is the founding director for the GEM Group, an education venture in partnership  partnership with Hong Kong University and Microsoft Corporation., founded in 2002. She presently sits on the board of Suzhou Centennial College in China, a partnership between Toronto based Centennial College and the GEM Education Group. 

She has now returned to Malaysia, anchoring a Malaysia-Taiwan-China joint venture on Agri-food based industries in Lanchang, West Pahang Region, Malaysia. This venture looks at how to build a workable private-public partnership in the modern Agri-food industries for emerging markets.  

Contact Details:

Foong Wai Fong (冯久玲Feng Jiuling)
Founding Director
Megatrends Asia. 
International Mobile/whatsapp: 60 12 3838229
China Mobile: 86 1377 1723 447
Zoom: facebook: foongwaifong

China Office in Suzhou: 
3F, GEM/HSGC Campus, Ren Ai Lu, Dushu Lake Higher Education Park
Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China

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