How do you create an authentic culture hub?

Many cities try to build an area with a network of streets that offers cultural products that gives a higher appreciation of cultural life.  In China, the city government try to do this by building a whole new area with new shops and invite outsiders and foreigners with good taste to set up, hoping thisContinue reading “How do you create an authentic culture hub?”

Malaysia: The Quitessential Malaysian Nasi Lemak

When your area or town offers a certain authentic and special cuisine, should effort be made to build a business model with central kitchen so one may have a chain of these food stores all over the world. I don’t however share this view. Building a food chain no doubt will bring in a largeContinue reading “Malaysia: The Quitessential Malaysian Nasi Lemak”

Presenting Pewter as an artistic experience

Telling the ROYAL SELANGOR PEWTER Story I dropped in the Visitors’ Center of  Royal Selangor Pewter in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur last Sunday (October 21 2012). I have heard about the make-over of the operation and how the new generation of managers are transforming the brand into a Lifestyle product, taking it from a purely souvenirContinue reading “Presenting Pewter as an artistic experience”

Wuxi’s Buddhist Theme Park – Lingshan Buddha Statue

In a day visit to Wuxi in early Sept 2012, Local leaders told me that the Lingshan Buddha Theme Park is among the two most important events that took place in China in 1997, the other event being the return of Hongkong to the motherland. Spread over 600 over acres, with a 88 meter BuddhaContinue reading “Wuxi’s Buddhist Theme Park – Lingshan Buddha Statue”

Hello world, Welcome to Culture Is Good Business

This blog will continue to update and examine the trends on how culture and design adds values to business and communities. A sequel to the book Culture Is Good Business is being planned. I have been travelling and working on various projects connected to this theme, it is about time to organize these materials inContinue reading “Hello world, Welcome to Culture Is Good Business”